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PART 1I: INTRODUCTION. I.1 Introductory Notes 1.2 Terminology. 1.3 Introduction to South-Italian Geography

PART 2: THE EARLIEST PHASES OF THE MATT-PAINTED TRADITION OF SOUTHERN ITALY . 2.1 South-Italian Protogeometric 2.2 South-Italian Early Geometric.

PART 3 : THE MATT-PAINTED CERAMICS OF SALENTO 3.1 Salento Middle Geometrie 3.2 Salento Late Geometric 3.3 Salento Matt-Painted between e. 690/680 and 630/620 BC 3.4 The Fina] Phases of the Matt-Painted Tradition in Salento

PART 4 : THE MATT-PAINTED CERAMICS FROM OUTSIDE SALENTO IV.1 Introduction 4.2 SALA CONSILINA AND WESTERN LUCANIA 4.2.1 Sala Consilina and the Tenda Class 4.2.2 West-Lucanian Matt-Painted Wares of the Late 8th and 7th Centuries 4.2.3 The Final Phases of Matt-Painted Pottery in Western Lucania 4.3 BRADANO GEOMETRIC 4.3.1 Bradano Mìddle Geometric 4.3.2 Bradano Late Geometric 4.3.3 Bradano Subgeometric 4.3.4 The Fina] Phases of Matt-Painted Pottery on the Lower Bradano 4.4 NORTH-LUCANIAN MATT-PAINTED 4.4.1 Matt-Painted Pottery from Northern Lucania dating to before the Late 7th Century . 4.4.2 The Ruvo-Satriano Class 4.5 MATT-PAINTED WARES OF THE BARI DISTRICT 4.5.1 Bari Matt-Painted before the Late 7th Century 4.5.2 The Comb and Swastika Class. C&S Class Group I Group II of the C&S Class 4.6 MATT-PAINTED FROM NORTHERN APULIA 4.6.1 Matt-Painted Ceramics of Northern Apulia before C. 700 BC 4.6.2 North-Apulian Late Geometric/Daunian Late Geometric 4.6.3 South-Daunian Subgeometric/Ofanto Subgeometric Ofanto Subgeometric I/South-Daunian Subgeometric I South-Daunian Subgeometric II/Ofanto Subgeometric II. South-Daunian Subgeometric IIa South-Daunian Subgeometric IIb ....continue....

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