Flavors of Puglia. Traditional recipes fro the heel of Italy's boot

Jenkis Nancy Harmon
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Then, purely by chance, I dipped into a book called "Flavors of Puglia" by Nancy Harmon Jenkis. I met Nancy shortly after I found her book, which is not just a precious record of a typical recipes, but also describes her time lived in Pugliese coutryside and her immediate experience with the customs and the people of Puglia. Nancy has combined a direct understanding of the culinary culture of Pugia with the rigor imposed by her professional expertise: All the recipes are easily and reproducible and contain invaluable suggestions for basic ingredients and possible substitutions. Nancy has lived and written in Puglia, in the shadow of the thousand-years-old olive trees that produce the best extra-virgin oil in the Mediterranean basin, observing women (and some men) who have gathered timeless culinary wisdom from the hands of their mothers and grand-mothers, absorbing from the alchemical formulas of taste and lightness. (Rossella Speranza)
AutoreJenkis Nancy Harmon
Data pubblicazione2006
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